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Intelligent automation and capital management solutions
for the world’s smartest companies.

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Paybox creates maximum efficiency in a company’s cash flow and makes it easier to manage capital on a single platform that delivers powerful AP, AR and claims automation solutions to streamline processes and provide the financial visibility to make better decisions faster.

Accounts Payable

Transforms slow, time-consuming manual tasks into a fast, automated touchless process.

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Claims Form

Streamline claims process and dispute resolution on one automated

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Accounts Receivable

Accelerate cash collection and reduce DSO to improve capital

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  • “Paybox has proven to be an effective  tool in the transformation of our Accounts Payable  automation initiatives with a goal of reducing paper  handling, invoicing costs and supplier inquiries.”

    Roderick Fields

    GSS NA Director of Disbursement Service

  • Key Paybox Benefits

    Eliminate Paper

    No more costly manual and paper processes that eat up time and money.

    Digital Relationship

    Paybox helps manage the transition of vendors and customers to a portal based relationship rather than by phone.

    Automated Processes

    Transitioning from manual to automation can yield a 20x increase in performance and saves time by reducing redundant tasks.

    Secure Environment

    Transmit financial data in a safe and secure SaaS environment.

    Simple Implementation

    Get up and running in 90 days with little IT burden in an ERP agnostic secure data environment.

    Working Capital Management

    Manage the distribution of cash and accelerate cash collection to enhance the health of your company.

    A faster way to do business from start to finish