Invoice Presentment & Distribution

Achieve significant reduction in receivables costs and an
immediate payback on your investment. All in 90 days.

Work Smarter. Faster. Better.

Distribute invoices with supporting documentation such as statements, sales orders,
purchase orders and warranties.

Secure, Flexible Distribution

Send and distribute invoices in any format from mail, email or electronic include submission to other AP networks. Reduce invoice presentment and invoice distribution costs by up to 90%.

Online Presentment & Approval

Customers can securely log into a data encrypted portal when invoices and/or statements are available. Allows for online review adjustment and approval of invoices. 


Increase posting rates with payer email notifications for new invoices.
Billers receive real-time updates on adjusted invoices for fast

Paper vs. E-Invoice

Online presentment of invoices means significant savings over paper with the additional benefits of better security, email notifications and full reporting capabilities.

– Send invoices in real-time 

– Significant cost savings over print/mail

– Release trapped cash

A faster way to do business from start to finish