Matthew Oakes

Chairman of the Board & CEO

Matthew Oakes currently serves as the Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of PAYBOX® Corp.

Mr. Oakes continually shapes the product and team first focused corporate vision of PAYBOX® to drive strategic business growth. Combining strong sales & execution skillsets matched with aggressive performance measurement with a constant eye on advancing products that match customers requirements and increase customer satisfaction.

Prior to becoming Chairman, President and CEO at PAYBOX®, Mr. Oakes held the positions of Director, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and Executive Vice President of Client Service at PAYBOX®. Before joining PAYBOX®, he served as the Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel for multiple New York based e-commerce and technology companies (Direct Media Networks, Mall Net Media Corp and Voyant) as well a senior management positions in Westinghouse Corporation.

Mr. Oakes received a Juris Doctorate of Law from Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Cornell University.

He served with the United States Marine Corps in the Special Operations Group of the 3rd Marine Division and as a Marine Drill Instructor at the Marine Corp Recruit Depot, Paris Island, South Carolina.