You and your staff have better things to do than manage your suppliers’ data manually. With a self-service portal, your vendors can register, become authenticated, submit invoices, answer their own questions, and check invoice status within the system. Automating these processes brings countless efficiencies and advantages. Here are a few of the major ones.

1. Your vendors self-register and are authenticated.
Authenticate vendors through a secure portal using multiple factors, including Tax ID (TIN), USPS address verification, OFAC sanction list, and other government databases

2. Creates a digital path for electronic invoice submission
A self-service portal allows vendors to submit invoices electronically. There’s no more manual collection, keying in invoices, or playing phone tag with suppliers regarding inquiries.

3. It centralizes your records.
No more worrying about collecting all your vendor documents. Registration, authentication and management for vendor and customer data are all electronically automated.

4. It saves you time.
Vendors can use the portal to update their own information. Your vendor master is seamlessly updated, without any effort on your part. Phone calls, messages and callback attempts are reduced, and often eliminated.

5. Your vendor information is well organized and managed .
When vendors submit tax documents through the portal,
critical vendor information and tax forms are stored and organized. Your master records are always up-to-date and instantly available.