Accounts Receivable Process Automation

Getting paid faster shouldn’t be a hassle. It should be a way of business.

Collect Smarter

Managing cash flow is a lot easier when the money flows in electronically. AR automation ensures that it does. Automating AR processes also gives you better internal controls, and helps you reduce DSO significantly, by incorporating your own business rules within your electronic AR process flow.

Accelerate Cash Flow

Paperless real-time invoice presentment significantly reduces your DSO by collecting cash faster and minimizing dispute inquiries. There’s even an AR savings calculator to show you just how much of a difference automation makes for you.

Decreased Costs

Cut invoice presentment and invoice distribution costs by up to 90% with e-invoice submission. Send invoices by email, online portal or submit through an AP network.

Increase Posting Rates

Experience straight-through touchless receivables posting rates of over 95% with automated AR processing.

Faster audit processes

With automated accounting, you can access any invoice audit report quickly and easily.


Significant cost savings are only the beginning.
Find out how much your company can save with
Paybox Accounts Payable Automation


How many checks do you process per month?


How many paper invoices do you distribute per month?


How many AR staff do you employ?


What is your average annual cost on Hardware / Licensing Fees used by AR employees?


What is your annual cost of being PCI Compliant?

Your total monthly savings:


The Paybox Difference

Paybox is one of the largest and fastest growing e-invoicing networks around. It’s no wonder more, and more companies are making a move to Paybox where they can manage customers on a single platform to save time and money. Improved cash flow, insightful financial forecasting, and better client relationships are just a few of the many ways Paybox puts the business of your business first.

  • “Transforming IBM’s AR process with Paybox resulted in a 90 percent reduction  in transaction costs, 65 percent fewer billing  adjustments and calls, and a 10 percent  reduction in DSO. These benefits have  annually delivered tens of millions of dollars in  savings to IBM”

    Ellie Mahoney

    E-Business Advocate for IBM

  • Paybox Core Features

    Paybox offers these common functions across the entire platform.

    Invoice Distribution

    Transition to a time-saving automated electronic system that extracts data from invoices, emails, and converts to any electronic format. Distribution flexibility paper, mail or digital.

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    Customer Management

    Keep electronic customer data and supplier files up to date while controlling payment approval processes.

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    Dispute Management

    Accelerate dispute resolution with a flexible, configurable workflow that reduces email and phone disruptions.

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    ERP Compatibility

    Seamless integration with automated adaptability to manage day-to-business with speed and accuracy.

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    Custom Portals

    An intuitive interface and secure environment for managing all financial transactions.

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    Workflow Management

    Keep business flowing with invoices that move from review to approval in record time.

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    Auditing & Reporting

    Manage working capital more efficiently, accurately forecast cash flows, and analyze spending patterns with real-time visibility that empowers better decisions.

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    Certifications & Affiliations

    ISO 9001, PCI, HIPPA certifications, SSAE 16 Type 2 and SAP Partner affiliation. 

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    A faster way to do business from start to finish