The concept of the paperless office has been around for more than three decades. So how is it possible that after all this time, you’re still inundated with so much paper?

Between copying, distributing, hunting down and filing paper invoices, you lose a lot of precious time unnecessarily. You’re also creating an endlessly growing pile of paper that needs to be stored and secured.

A PDF invoice is digital, until you have to route it manually and key it into the ERP. An emailed invoice you print out to get a written signature isn’t paperless either.

So how do you fulfill the paperless vision?

AP invoice automation makes paperlessness a reality.

Automated AP lets you delete the downsides of manual processes and paper records. With a consistent digital workflow for invoices, inter-departmental document sharing is smooth and easy. Coding and distribution are based on the type, supplier or any other factors that matter to your business. Approvals are done online or on a mobile device, based on a preset schedule. The system sends out automatic reminders, so nobody has to chase down managers for signatures.

After approvals, the AP system sends all the details to your ERP system for final posting and payment. And there they stay, easily accessible whenever the need arises.

Paperless means painless.

By applying advanced matching capabilities, AP automation even streamlines and automates your most unusual and highest-touch invoices—ones with multiple POs, pages of line items, issues regarding receipt of goods or services, pricing, special charges, or problems with the customer’s system. With an automated system, invoices that absolutely require attention get in front of the right person at the right time, for maximum efficiency and a minimum amount of time spent.

AP looks even better on the screen than it does on paper.
An automated AP system like Paybox gives you total visibility and control, while the system does the hard labor. This way, you and your team are free to focus on strategic things, like analyzing process flow, measuring performance, and negotiating better pricing from all your blissfully happy suppliers who will now be getting paid on or ahead of schedule.

Paybox is a single platform for vendor management, invoice processing, invoice status updates, payment notification and AP customer service. It reduces the amount of time and paper used in processing AP, to save you money with no cost to your vendors. For more information, and tips on AP automation, contact us at (954) 510-3750.