Automation Solutions For Banks

Integrated AP/AR Automation Solutions
For Commercial Clients.

Provide The Tools Your Corporate
Clients Need To Compete Today

Now you can offer your own white-labeled AP/AR management solution.

A Brand New Way
To Add Value

To be competitive in today’s business environment, your corporate clients need an automated cash management solution. Now you can provide them with this upgrade from their outdated manual processes as a value- added benefit, and help them streamline their AR/AP operations.

AP and AR Automation, Courtesy of You.

By providing your customers a single platform for all their transaction data, you give them a big-picture view of all their accounts payable and receivable, enterprise-wide. You also help them eliminate time-intensive manual processes, and reduce the potential for human error.

Be The Bank That Keeps Clients Invested.

Paybox’s solutions are fully configurable, with no lengthy, complex implementation process. These white-label solutions counteract a client’s resistance to change, by making automation easier than they ever thought it could be. As a result, your clients are happier and they have more incentive to stay with you indefinitely.

What Automated AP & AR Does For Your Client:

Financial Visibility
Offers a single, scalable platform that gives a 360° view of all incoming receivables and outgoing payments.

Manage Transitions
Let Paybox help your customer transition it’s manual paper processes, to a fully electronic automated process.

Greater Efficiency
Increases speed, accuracy and boosts productivity through powerful AP, AR and claims automation.

Save Time
Eliminate tedious and often redundant manual processes. Paybox helps to reduce overhead, while gaining efficiencies.

What Offering It To Your Client Does For You:

Strengthen Partnerships
Build loyalty, retain clients and strengthen your partnership with your business banking clients.

Support Client Success
Help make your clients more successful, and they will increase the business they do with you.

Increase Revenue
Unlock new revenue opportunities for your bank through fees and card payment interchange charges.

In this competitive landscape, offering automation solutions to
your customers can help differentiate you from the rest.

A faster way to do business from start to finish