There is never been a more exciting time to be a CTO. Possibilities for innovation are everywhere, all the time, and companies need to take advantage of those possibilities to be competitive.

Constant technological development is the lynchpin of growth for an these days, and as the resident expert in your company’s C-Suite, your role is vastly greater than it was just a few years ago. The CTO is increasingly vital to the strategic vision of an organization, and the way it navigates the unrelenting changes taking place in business, and in the world.

With all the systems, products and services that are currently available and new ones launching all the time, the executive team looks to you for analysis and innovative ideas regarding these technological developments, and how they affect your company. They expect you to implement technology that creates fundamental change, to keep the company competitively ahead of the curve.

Streamlining. Today’s CTO is the go-to for innovation that increases productivity and efficiency in every department. A cloud-based implementation provides your teams a way to increase their speed and efficiency and accuracy, minimize errors, and alleviate practical issues such as storage. For functions like AP and AR, a cloud-based platform is ideal. It’s scalable, it integrates with existing systems, and utilizes a cloud-based deployment model so the team has time to use their real talents on more important projects. This including you.

Common process efficiency. With visibility into every department and business unit, a CTO is in a perfect position to identify common business processes that can be enhanced and made more efficient. Functions like AP and AR for example, which apply across all departments, offer opportunities to implement a cloud-based solution as a way of aligning and advancing the entire organization.

Productivity: CTOs understand that the market expects more frequent software releases with powerful improvements each time. Making sure your internal functions like AP and AR work rapidly and efficiently give your teams more time to spend on what your customers want, and allow you to get it to market faster.

With high level access to and understanding of the most advanced technologies, a CTO is in a unique position to lead a company’s growth, market differentiation and cultural evolution.