Inquiry & Dispute Resolution

Accelerate resolutions and keep business
running smoothly and efficiently

Keep Vendors & Customers Happy

A flexible, configurable solution that reduces email and phone disruptions.

Accelerate Resolutions

Resolve issues with suppliers and customers quickly and easily

Eliminate Paper Processes

Ditch the paper trail and view all communication in one place

Increase Satisfaction

Transparent communication enhances business relationships.

The Key to Enhanced Relationships

With Paybox seamless and efficient resolutions becomes the way of doing business. View all communication in one place eliminating manual and paper processing. The added transparency provided by Paybox keeps transactions flowing smoothly and disruptions to a minimum.

Inquiry Resolution For Accounts Payable

Increase vendor satisfaction and reduce the headaches

Reduced Inquiries

A self-service portal allows vendors to verify invoice and payment status at any time and answer many of their own questions increasing transparency and reducing inquiries substantially.

Configurable Rules

Vendors can submit inquiries through a self-service portal. Configurable business rules automatically route to the appropriate party in the organization for review and resolution.

AP Customer Service

Vendors can ask questions directly through Paybox’s self-service portal and further inquire on invoices with the appropriate users.

Dispute Resolution For Accounts Receivable

Accelerate cash collection by resolving disputes more efficiently

Dispute Invoices

Customers may initiate disputes at the invoice or line-item level and add any supporting documentation to support the dispute.

Partial Payments

Collecting partial payment on approved line items speeds up cash collection, reduces DSO and speeds up the transaction time.

Dispute History

An online archive provides ease of access to dispute documents while providing a history for auditing. 

A faster way to do business from start to finish