A versatile paperless invoice submission
and processing platform.

Faster, Better, Smarter

Paybox makes transitioning from paper to a time-saving electronic system, well, simply fast.

Accuracy & Speed

Increase accuracy and speed in a digitized environment.


No need to manually store and track paper, in the Paybox world; invoices are accessible at your fingertips.

Cost Savings

Save time prepping and processing paper invoices.

E-Invoicing For Accounts Payable

Reduce Processing Time

With e-invoicing, invoices can be received/routed in real time to the appropriate users.


Missing information on invoices is far too common, allowing vendors to submit via portal is much more accurate.

Approvals & Adjustments

Invoices are routed automatically according to your employee hierarchy and business rules.

E-Invoicing For Accounts Receivable

Distribution Methods

Invoices can be sent by email, presented in the portal, as well as submitted digitally to other AP networks.

Customizable Invoices

Send out different invoice templates to you customers according to business logic.

Collect Cash Faster

Invoices reach your customers faster when electronically sent, collecting cash quicker is inevitable.

Transition from paper/email to electronic forms of invoice submission at the speed of your vendor/client

Paybox is helping some of the largest, most complex financial operations in the world improve business outcomes in a secure, scalable and highly compliant environment

  • “Transforming IBM’s AR process with Paybox resulted in a 90 percent reduction  in transaction costs, 65 percent fewer billing  adjustments and calls, and a 10 percent  reduction in DSO. These benefits have  annually delivered tens of millions of dollars in  savings to IBM”

    Ellie Mahoney

    E-Business Advocate for IBM

  • A faster way to do business from start to finish