Image Capture

We may be living in the 21st century,
but not every business is working in it. Our document imaging solutions moves yours forward.

Paper Invoice? No Problem.

Intelligent Image Capture scans data from paper via OCR, or captures email information, automating payment processing 
and making it easy to integrate into electronic accounting systems.

Accept Multiple Formats

Inbox can capture multiple invoice types : paper, fax, or email.

Your Rules

Extracts the important information and validates it according to a pre-defined set of business rules.

Workflow Management

Fully configurable electronic routing of captured documents by type and workgroup.

Greater Efficiency

Eliminate manual tasks with a solution that meets processing needs no matter what format the invoice is received or how far along they are in the process.

Document Archive

Management and storage of documents in a repository.

Environmental Impact

Migrate to a Zero Footprint environment with electronic invoice processing.

An End-to-End Automation Solution

With the combined solutions from Paybox, companies reduce costs, achieve real-time cash flow visibility, spend less time processing invoices and more time on core competencies.

How Inbox Works

1 Invoice Received

Invoices are received by email, fax or mail

2 Intelligent Capture Via OCR

Invoices are intelligently captured and converted into an electronic file.

3 Invoices Sorted

Business logic is applied to classify invoices by type.

4 Validation & Business Rules Applied

Invoices are analyzed and validated against the PO, master vendor files and ERP systems. Discrepancies and exceptions are routed to the appropriate party.

5 Export to Desired Destination

Finalized invoices are exported to any client preferred system or file format and integrated into accounting processes.

A faster way to do business from start to finish