In this digital age, invoicing and paying bills manually is not only inconvenient for suppliers and customers—it ultimately leads to wasted time and unnecessarily high overhead. An automated payment solution offers your commercial customers a convenient way to take control, while easily cutting costs and improving productivity. With a white-label system like Paybox, you can effortlessly resolve issues that your clients face every day by automating their Accounts Payable and Receivables process.

Here are 3 ways you can help your customers get off paper and on track:

1. Solve their finance team’s biggest challenge.

Finding and managing paper-based documents wastes your customers’ time. Storing physical documents in filing cabinets is inefficient, and the possibility of misplacing documents leaves businesses vulnerable to the possibility of larger problems. Plus, processing paper checks is expensive and time consuming—it takes weeks to process a manual invoice, whereas an automated system can process it immediately.

2. Help shred unnecessary expenses.

Many finance executives are unaware of how much each invoice costs them. Each invoice requires paper, postage, and processing—all of which costs money. By streamlining processing and eliminating the need to purchase paper products, digital invoicing makes doing business easier and more cost-efficient.

3. Give them control and convenience.

With an automated system, a bank’s customers can control several different payment types in one place. Viewing payment information online eliminates the need for physical documentation, allowing the client more control and awareness over outgoing and incoming cash flow. The option to manage finances from either a desktop or mobile device makes handling finances more convenient—and by taking control over sending invoices and payments on time, the system takes all that responsibility off your customer’s plate.

Making your clients’ lives easier is the ultimate goal when it comes to retaining commercial business. By helping them clean up their paper mess, you make business easier for them, and better for you.

Paybox is a single platform that integrates transaction information across a company’s entire organization. It eliminates time-intensive manual processes, and reduces the potential for human error. Paybox creates white label solutions that can be yours to offer immediately—without the lengthy, complex development process.

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