In these days of constant technological innovation, customers expect cutting edge services from every business, and their bank is no exception. With this pressure to provide the latest and greatest technology, it’s imperative to meet clients’ needs in order to stay competitive. But advanced technology doesn’t just help your customers—it also encourages long-term relationships.

Here are five in-demand technological offerings that appeal to banking clients:

Intuitive applications that don’t require a long training period.

By offering services with user-friendly interfaces, your customers feel immediately at ease with your system—there are no complicated hoops they will need to jump through when processing e-payments. This is a simple way to make your banking system, and by extension your bank, look great in your customers’ eyes.

Easy-to-manage solutions to customer problems.

Your customers want to know that you can provide solutions when they run into problems. Or, even better, that you anticipate problems and eliminate them before they occur. For example, an automated system absolves customers of PCI compliance risks because your solution manages that for them. Many businesses are currently outsourcing to third parties to avoid these potential risks. Offering this protection makes your clients feel safe with you.

The ability to send and approve payments on mobile devices. 

The convenience of mobile banking is essential to keeping your clients and their customers happy. With the option to pay and approve invoices remotely, workflow is improved. Plus, when your clients send and receive those payments through your bank, you have access to their payment analytics. This provides you with data that you can use to better understand and serve your clients in the future.

Convenient access to payment behavior analytics.

When your automated system archives customers’ payment data, you can also give your clients access to this information. They will have more visibility around their banking habits, which allows for more control over their funds.

AR process transformation.

Automation streamlines back-office functions and integrates data from separate departments to simplify AR processes. This saves customers time and increases data visibility across the organization.

By providing customers with the automated solutions they need for their banking processes now, they see you as a company that is ahead of the curve when it comes to technological offerings. They know that you understand what they need in a payment service, and you inspire confidence in your bank’s ability to provide top-notch services as technology continues to advance.