Matthew Oakes


Matthew Oakes currently serves as the President of Paybox.

Mr. Oakes continually shapes the product and team first focused corporate vision of PAYBOX® to drive strategic business growth. Combining strong sales & execution skillsets matched with aggressive performance measurement with a constant eye on advancing products that match customers requirements and increase customer satisfaction.

Prior to becoming President at Paybox, Mr. Oakes held the positions of Director, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and Executive Vice President of Client Service at Paybox. Before joining Paybox, he served as the Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel for multiple New York based e-commerce and technology companies (Direct Media Networks, Mall Net Media Corp and Voyant) as well a senior management positions in Westinghouse Corporation.

Mr. Oakes received a Juris Doctorate of Law from Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Cornell University.

He served with the United States Marine Corps in the Special Operations Group of the 3rd Marine Division and as a Marine Drill Instructor at the Marine Corp Recruit Depot, Paris Island, South Carolina.