As a treasury services professional, you don’t have to be proactive to bring in fee revenue from your commercial banking customers for payments and transfers, which represent a substantial part of a bank’s fee revenues.

But the more you understand about your customers’ accounting processes, the more helpful you can be to them as they grow—and the more fee-based revenue you can bring in to your bank. You can cement your client relationships while you’re at it, too.

Yes, you probably can beat the system.

In every company of every size, every financially-related process, from payroll to accounts payable and receivable runs through an accounting system. With a basic working knowledge of your customers’ accounting systems, you can monitor transaction volume and get a sense for whether their current system is being stretched beyond its limitations. You can visualize the inefficiencies taking place in their office, possibly involving manual data input, old-school paper documents and dated document storage methods. If this appears to be the case, you have a great opportunity to solve the customer’s growing pains.

With your own proprietary white label fintech solution, your customers can increase data security and streamline their workflow, saving time and resources every day.

In fact, with a cloud-based system like Paybox, which uses robotic process automation based on business logic to route documents, your customers’ internal processes operate up to 20 times faster than with traditional methods.

Keeping banking customers present and accounted for.

Research shows that being engaged with online bill pay services makes customers as much as 70 percent less likely to switch banks. If you think about this for a minute, you’ll realize that the more automated products and services a bank offers, the more incentive it creates for customers to stay put.